D-E-D, DEAD, a biker novel

  • D-E-D, Dead is my first novel. It is the tale of a man whose conscience makes him take on the motorcycle club he belongs to for their manufacture and sale of crystal meth, coupled with their use of young girls to fill their pockets with cash. His efforts leave the club in disarray, members hiding from the law and each other. It's 1990, before cell phones and the internet.

    Leaving Virginia with a vague idea of hiding out at a friend's house in southern Tennessee, he's on the run, hiding from the club, the cops, and the feds. While checking out a car crash on a deserted back-road, he discovers a plot to upset the balance of power in the northern Alabama/southern Tennessee meth trade, involving the local chapter of the club he just left.

    Joined by his old Navy buddy and a small group of locals, our protagonist is once again plotting ways to dismantle the club's illegal empire. This time, he has help! Join in as this crew hits back at those who have ruined the lives of many of their friends, neighbors, and family. One thing is certain; people are going to end up dead, D-E-D, DEAD!

    Available through http://larryanimalgarner.com , Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, etc.