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  • DJ Tim We've updated our Android App in the Google Play Store. Come grab it, it's free :)
    Apr 14

  • DJ Razor Testing a new headset/microphone. Please bear with me!!
    Apr 2

  • DJ Voodooman Saying moring everyone.. Coffee drugs and Rock n Roll!!!
    November 28, 2018

  • Maple Farrell happy bunnies humping chickens weeks end
    Apr 19

  • lisa buttke Good Morning everyone!!!!
    Apr 19

  • Thomas Stout good morning Tim play some great tunes today
    Apr 11

  • Tom Jambeter Sr Say a prayer for Kelly. Don't we all have issues.
    Apr 13

  • Jacob Aberkrombie Wow, did i took 3 friends with me...i see Maple, Lisa and Tom haha, only paste the link in my trillian Hey folks...funny to see you here. Was boring myself, and was looking for a station what was familiar to me. I have to say...good tunes!
    Mar 25

  • John Draisey Tuned in to some awesome music
    Mar 29